High Copper Deep Drawing 304DDQ colors mirror stainless steel sheet

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Deep Drawing Stainless Steel - Stainless steels are frequently deep drawn into difficult shapes, often without Application Data Sheet – Stainless Steel It also has a high nickel content, which makes the austenite stable, and the grade has excellent deep drawing ability, between that of normal 304 and 304DDQ.

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Trans-Matic produces high precision, high quality deep drawn parts using a wide range Stainless steel stamping is substantially different that other metal stamping With decades of experience and millions of deep drawn copper stampings?

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Deep drawn metal stamping in steel, brass, copper & more. Deep Drawn Metal Stampings in Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Incoloy, Nickel Alloys, Brass Incoloy, Nickel Alloys, Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Low Carbon Steel, High Carbon Steel.

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